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Fall 2017

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Brave Explorers will offer a new twist on the traditional platformer video game. Players will build levels using the physical game pieces that we sell. They will be able to save a virtual representation of that level in the Brave Explorers app and have their Explorer attempt to beat the level by reaching the Life Block at the end of their level. Once the player has successfully beaten their own level, they can then use the app to 1) send that level to friends for them to try to beat and 2) use the level as their "Home Base", allowing other players on the app to discover their virtual level and attempt to beat it. As long as the player’s Home Base level remains unbeaten, the Life Block will generate resources for their benefit. In addition, every failure of another player to beat their Home Base level will raise the player’s rank, as well as generate more helpful resources. Said resources can be used to improve the player’s Home Base, or even the status of their Explorer. In this way the player is incentivized to make the most difficult level that they possibly can (while still being able to beat it themselves).


In Brave Explorers, the user will play as one of many Explorers. The Explorers are a mysterious species that have been living among us here on Earth for many years. Unfortunately, the Explorers have long had to fend for themselves, invisible to us on this harsh planet. Thankfully, with the coming of the Brave Explorers app, we can finally see these brave little explorers, and do our best to help them to survive. It’s our job to build levels that can protect them from the cold environment of this planet, dangerous monsters, and even other thieving Explorers.


  • Unleashing Creativity: By allowing players to build with real-world objects, there are no strict rules hardcoded by programmers, no pre-determined areas for placing your traps, enemies, blocks, or powerups, and the only limit is that of the player’s creativity. If you can build a level and your character can beat it, you can challenge any player across the globe to defeat it.
  • Tactile Feedback: There’s something unique about the satisfaction and happiness one gets when building by hand. We want to allow players to experience these feeling as they watch their creations come to life. Designing a physical level and then, immediately, seeing it transformed in front of you is an experience that still amazes us every time we play Brave Explorers.
  • Collaborative Play: The real-world element of our game directly lends itself towards a collaborative style of play. Friends can team up to help each other handcraft difficult levels that they can then send out to gamers across the globe. Inside the app, players can join teams and communities for collaborating and competing.
  • Customization: Upon release, we will have many different options for players to customize their playing experience. Both the Explorers and their Life Blocks will be fully customizable – we want our community to express their creativity as freely as possible.


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The Technology
Our patent-pending system works by merging 3D models with their exact physical counterparts, and adding additional augmentation on top of the real-world objects. This process is done in a way that keeps the virtual models on the user’s mobile device firmly tethered to their real-world representation, while allowing the digital character to seemingly traverse these physical pieces in real-time. This system has a number of real-world applications beyond gaming, but as a team of life-long gamers, we’re most excited about using it to give players a completely new type of gaming experience. .

About Foxtail Games

Foxtail Games is an indie gaming studio based out of Atlanta, Georgia. We’re developing the first mixed reality mobile game – Brave Explorers. Brave Explorers allows players to build video game levels with real-world toys.

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